Reviews for "Green Lights"

its new and green

i think its really good animation is really well nad humour theres not much but chinease songs amke me laugh of course i am a curry man so my opnion is based on a stereo type opnion the violence i gave10 because well it deserves to be on the front pg. so i am giviig it all ten 10

by: browny aka.....


That Was just amazing... loved everything about it...


Wow, I thought when it was all said in the different language it wasn’t going to be much good. It just became so memorable, and so original that even if it didn’t have the odd bits in English it still would have been fantastic. Great work!

Love it whats the name of the song?

Yeah name says it all green light, its great


it was KOOL! so far its the first chinese flash ive ever seen, too bad i dint understand anything but the english words im a canto person :] it was quite entertaining, the song is catchy ^-^ good job!