Reviews for "Green Lights"

I'm not alone in saying....

..I didn't understand roughly half of that and I didn't get the storyline if there was one. Yet despite that this movie is very, very good. Top 50.


Its a wild dragon chase away...


while the animashion its self is fantastic, i just want to take the time to say that this is not your work and as such should NOT be no your profile, if your freind wanted the animashion on newgrounds she should have created a proflie (or have you do it for her) and uploaded it there... there is no reasion for you to have this on your profile... and how are we to know if this wins a prize this month tha the womens who work it is will get it? or do we just have your word. I just simply don't like to see other peoples work on some ones profile....

Not bad

I really liked that style... but the song spoild it.. i mean it was chinese (or somet) and english swapping over all the time... kind of pissed me off. :P Still good animation though.

Quite good

The song made my teeth grate a bit, but overall this was a very well done flash. Thumbs up.