Reviews for "Green Lights"


wow.. you're friend sure is good!! that graphics was great and so was the sound.. and that floating green globe was so cute!! i just wanna ask.. did she use a windows sound to accompany the necklace appearing in the end of the video?? also.. i couldn't give it a 10 because she didn't credit the source of the song..

it wasn't bad

but if this is something your friend made, don't THEY have to submit it for it to be here? i don't think your aloud to submit someone else's work no matter what.

what did she say?

ok...good graphics but got know idea wtf she just said on that flash?

This is very good

I really like it, I hope to see more of these movies in the near future.

It's all Greek to me...

Nice stuff, even if I couldn't understand a word of it.

Later days