Reviews for "Green Lights"

Great music video!

This friend of yours, Sherri, is some sort of music video genius! The song was good, and the animation was fantastic! This video was entertaining, with a bit of a random feel to it. If this didn't get front page, I would wonder what is wrong with NG voters! Tell your friend that this is an excellent movie!


Wow what can i say that was brilliant and is something worth watching!

i noticed something

everyone and everything in this flash is VERY shiny...
other than that all i got out of it, is it is very asian and i can't speak it, so i'm just going to pretend i understood what i watched.

no really, this was very good and i hope you make more SENSIBLE flash in the future. :)

top job

hey good work ur friends got skills
ps can u please tell me what the song it called & who it is by


that was amazing, i didn't understand the language it was in XD but it was really amazing the graphics were awsome and i could tell it must have required a lot of skill to make, i praise you for your amazing work! *praises* i especialy liked the funny green wings, they were awsome

keep up the work :D