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Reviews for "Sexy Halloween Spookfest!"


i frikkin shat maself with sonic!

FatBadger responds:

Destroy the chair you were sitting on.

That scared the shit out of me

I was sitting here on my chair about to fall asleep from ur movie,next thing I know,Sonic screams and scares the shit out of me. Good job 5/5 10/10

FatBadger responds:

nothing scarier than a hedgehog.


well that pumpkin was naked i think but fuck that i knew that was a sabotage i have rat sences and i know if something is wrong so i didnt watched it longer than 5 secs ... about scores in that usually not rated blanks :
Interactivity - 10 - well some ppl will shit their pants thats what i call interactivity
Humor - 10 - funny if someone shit his pants

FatBadger responds:



This is the scaries sonic thing what i have ever seen lol

FatBadger responds:

it probably is


Best Halloween Porn I have ever seen.

I'm sure zombies spank to this in the cold cold ground on October the 31st.

Uh...well anyways, great movie :D

FatBadger responds:

you have best profile pic ever!