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Reviews for "Cathode Raybits"

OMG I get so pumped looking at this! Did you try making the Raybot claw forward facing vs hanging down? Also the helmet spotlight might get distracting when running and turning but I'd have to see that in motion to know for sure. Exciting!!!

SinclairStrange responds:

I'll get a demo up in the next month that you can check out if you like :). It's not at that stage right now, just constructing the engine. The Raybot has both, if it's facing down, it's just stationary but if you find one with the claw forward facing and slightly glowing, it can attack you with it and drag you towards him.

The flashlight is just there for the picture really, it only shows up in cut-scenes when you scan a Raybot for it's weapon :). (Or maybe I include a "dark" section, but I'm getting too far ahead there!)

I'm extremely glad you like it! :)

This looks awesome! :D
Nice job. Good 8-Bit ''Effects'' too. Lol.

SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! It's in early development but I'm sure I'll get it out for Pico Day next year. :)