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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"

good old stuff

I was so damn young then I could bearly remember any of those games, but there was a couple I remembered(such as mario) that put the joyful feeling in my heart. Good work on this, very well done! Oh those were the times... Sometimes I wonder if I like those games more than our current modern games... NAH! *puts on Mortal Combat Deception* YEEHAA!

I love it,

never had as much fun playing video games as with my NES! Thanks for reminding me! k

I loved it !

It's so nice to see that people still remember the good ol'days of 8-bit gaming. So often the younger Generation doesn't get to experence what gaming started as. Atari was the first but once 8-bit NINTENDO came on the scene it started a wave of gaming that does't seem to have a breaker. thanks for the Flash back to memory lane!


Yeah....don't worry these are GREAT....DO NOT STOP MAKING THESE!!


That wasnt no tribute, that was another shitty "skittles and bits" with a real song in the background. Most of them were about the main character gettin killed in a retarded unfunny way. Stop just for the mother fucking love of God STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP