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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"

i liked it, but too short

and also, maybe u can help me, u seem to be an old school gamer, theres a game i can't remember, it was for nes, u were a kid with a yoyo for a weapon, and thats about all i remember, if anyone can tell me what that game is email me stuffmanuknowthesuperhero@hotmail PLEASE SOMEONE KNOW WHAT THAT GAME IS, oh ya, and good movie, but make your next longer

Good Job

It was a little short but i still liked it. but next time make one a little longer.

very cool!

i think Nintendo would be happy :) ... i just love the "pixel-style" thingy.


lol everything was great, and the sprites are awsome

Nice one !

Nice tribute movie ! The scenes were great. What you showed with some scenes really happens a lot in the games. Like in castlevania, those flying medusa's were really a pain in the ass !! I fell down a lot !
Great job man, this flash is good ! I only didnt like the song you used. Born to be a live is a great song...even the original. But the benny benassi remix didnt fit this movie. The end credits song did fit though ! maybe ya should have used old NES songs ?
Other then that, this is excellent !