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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


That was fricking great....I love ALL your stuffs. You gots Total Sprite Domination dude!

Love your work

I love your work keep up the good work

Good, pretty good!

I liked the movie! Recalls some good memories... *wipes off a tear*
Glad to see i'm not the only one who thinks 2D was cooler than 3D.
The music fitted well with the sprites and the little NES moments were pretty funny. Overall, good work, i enjoyed it!

well well well,if it isnt Wario

So after making this one will you make a tribute to the SNES? Geewiz,i wish i was born in 1984 or something so i could of played the NES more,i hardly have any memories of it, but oh wells the SNES was and still is fun to me to.

MajinPiccolo responds:

No, I won't be making an SNES tribute.


I've seen a fuckload of sprite movies. Infact, I don't know anybody who hasn't. They could very well be the most popular genre on newgrounds, therefore your competion is pretty thick.

But your movie stood out. The graphics were sprite graphics. Therefore, they were poor. But you must've spent many MANY hours searching for sprites on all these games. And I don't find it very doubtful that you had to draw some of them yourself. The style was done quite well, I've never seen a montage of silly moments from NES games, and it was a nice change from the average "Mushroom Kingdom" story.

The sound was... hilarious. To be honest, I don't think you could've found a better sound for this flash. It fit perfectly. The violence in this movie, despite it's low bit count, was very humorous aswell. I'm glad you didn't take the route of making some gorey ass sprite movie.

The humor was perfectly appropriate. You managed to combine music with comic mischeif to provide for hilarious moments, and I was quite impressed. It really brought back some nostalgia from my early childhood.

Anyways, you did a wonderful job. You worked on the flash for a good amount of time, i'm sure, and everything worked out. I just hope this flash doesn't fade away into the darkness when it gets overshadowed by some of the better movies released today.