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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


Pretty damn lame...unfunny, uninteresting...I'm surprised I watched the whole thing.

MajinPiccolo responds:

So am I, DoubleARon, so....am...i...

It was Ok

Well while the NES and the SNES were great consoles it wasent as much as a tribute as an exuse to be funny... it was decent but from other dongeon studios sprite movies it failed in comparosen it was so so... not great

I <3 sprite death.

It always makes me laugh when the NES charcters got killed (i don't know why) and there was a bunch of them in this great sprite flash,excellent tribute. =)

well, it seemed appropriate at the time

all your flash are freakin sweet...err...doesn't seem quite right, does it? ah, well. it's true.
besides, if they couldn't do it right the first time, why do i have to?

So much fun!!

Everything was very funny...
almost all of those who did a similar thing made it awfull...
Your movie is good without being stupid and pushed too far.
It would have been bether with nintendo music all along...
The action was tight, giving us no time to look around, I like this.
Very good job!