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Reviews for "Joan and Mark"


Joan was soo hot! LOL dude that movie rawkd PLEASE MAKE MORE I BEG YOU! ...joan was so hot...hmhm right well anyways i liked it the music art and lol bugs were good, i espeically like the very end where he has to choose between ...money *cry* and joan. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more


My teacher once said : A drawing must speak for itself.(OMFG group 5..) If this dosnt prove it.. Only that you realy shoulda have done subtitles

Alright, I'm doin this the old fashioned way.

Graphics: The well-put together, but still enjoyable simple, character were very good looking and the monsters, emotions, and what I believe are FBF sequences were all very smooth and either entertaining, exciting, or both. And the monsters were great.
Style: I've seen this type of drawing many times before, but never in flash form to such a level of smoothness. Very excellent.
Sound: I'll be forward: I hated the song, but it blended well and was sequenced to match, so 7 on that.
Violence: The ifght seens rock, old fashioned anime with a twist.
Interactivity: You got the buttons right, so you get an eight.
Humor: Good jokes, if just a little corny (gave the cartoon a very individual feeling though, kinda juvenile, but I liked that).
So, overall it was nice and long, without being dragged out, very smooth and anything but boring. Good job. 5/5 10/10, yuo have rightfully fought your way to the top.

Dude, awesome.

Please tell me where I can download that song! Sweet! Dude, you should make more starring these two.

Hidden Gem

Awesome flash, the story, the style, it really flowed. I love it. I wonder why I've never seen this before, it's so good...