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Reviews for "Joan and Mark"


i laughed i cried just kidding that was awsome really awsome I just have one thing to say what was up with the 1 arm thing but oh well it still rocked


My god, that movie ruled!!! I loved their facial expressions! Kind of a wierd idea but boy did it work out well. But do they have to kill spiders? I have two pet tarantulas who never bite or anything and I find them adoroble. In your next movie how about less spider killing k?

i loved it


they seem like small insects at first...

why does this have a "mild violence" on it? it ain't that violent. it's more of a childrens show.

other than that, perfect 5.

Wow...too bad the T.V. networks haven't seen this

That was fantastic, if anly half the animation on tv was this slick, I would enjoy watching tv for a change. Please keep up the great work!