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Reviews for "Joan and Mark"


I remember seeing you animation, Maxwell Edison, and loving every second of it! Once again, you have blown me away in every aspect of this great animated short! Keep up the good work! I can't wait till your next flash!

I love it!

Anyone who can run around killing giant insects is my hero! As for the previous post about this looking like "anime", I disagree. I have seen many of your works, and you have your own distinctly different style. I also enjoy the way you can use other styles in your animations, as well...i.e. South Park characters and Invader Zim. Imitation truly is the purest form of flattery, and I give you an A+ on your own original ideas AND the spoofs you do!

I loved your take on the Maxwell Edison song, but I loved this even more!! I didn't think even that was possible! =^-^=

Very Classic

This is a smooth clean flash and without the bloodbath, Keep it up.


At one point you HAVE to bring Joan and Mark Back!!

Very Nice.

You should really keep going with this series. The animation was great and everything went together nicely.