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Reviews for "Joan and Mark"

Great Movie!!!

I think it would be a great series, but I'm not going to beg for it, that would be rude.

Anyways, this an awesome movie, hope you get daily first and top 50 of all time on this one!!!

Strange, but...

I love it, the story was just goofy as all hell, and the characters design was a wtf, but the way it's all pulled together makes it great.


thats serious the best flash eva plus i cant find that song aniwhere if you know were i can find it let me no

Its good work

Ive seen this a couple of times now, just never reviewed it till now. I just wanted to say that its really good work, but are we ever going to see anymore of these two? I'm not pushing for it, it'd be great to see them in another flash and I just really wanna know if they were a one time thing.
Love your work, peace.


I really, really love this flash! I think its one of the best I've ever seen and I'm gonna recommend this to everyone I know. Really good music and really funny storyline. Good Work!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!