Reviews for "+Genocide+"


violence and shocks and a happyish ending. luv it


I think that if I, personally, were to have taken this animation for what it was at face value, I'd have disliked it... but I took it for its sociopolitical/philosophical perspective. Therefore, I found it both funny (especially given the one-upping of weapons and the dude's facial expression all throughout.. not to mention the battle with the devil) and clever. The only thing I'd have changed, if anything, would be the ending. The cops should have had their way with him! But, still.. you brought justice. So I'll take it! 7/10 Overall.


batman and ozzy!!

rather good

This flash was violent and gory. In my opinion it was rather good. If only it was longer it wold have been even better.

Very Witty

I love the guys expression the whole time, clever idea too.