Reviews for "RedAppleClock 7"


more evidence that the cock crew chooses quantity over quality every time. another example of the absolute shit you lot produce. I would request that you stop it and free up space for people that arnt shit, but theres no point as your clearly a bunch of stubborn, shock seeking little boys. ah well....


great work!!
the animaten was good
but the voice were not that good!!
but overall 4/5

HydraulicCat responds:

Thanksen! I'm gladen you liken it!
Thanken for the reviewen!


i hate clock movies so much, the voices annoy the hell out of me, but for animation they way you put the music with the animation is it is really well done, so congrats with that, ^^


One of the few good clock movies

Very well animated, nice graphics and a good storyline. I hope next episode comes out soon.

HydraulicCat responds:


Dramatic at the end some how

What ever good job you deserved it. I thought it was very well animated. Improve. ;)