Reviews for "RedAppleClock 7"


The new 6-layer strategy works like a charm. amazing graphics, nice animation, all 5.


Probbaly the best clock flash I have ever seen!

Everything was excellent. I was already wowed by the opening credits, then it just got better. The graphics were superb, and the music set the mood perfectly.

HydraulicCat responds:

Glad to see that you like it!!!

Way to go ^^

Hey man..... another perfect animation u can be proud of... i loved it... I am very proud of you... jipiii.... nice job.... contact me some time ;D - MSN: florianisopp@hotmail[Dot]com

See ya
CC[Dot]Net- We run newgrounds ^^

HydraulicCat responds:

Thanks very much!!!


You know, I really hate clock movies. But if a movie's well done, it's well done.

I really enjoyed your use of colour; I thought it was great. I noticed that the clock hands didn't move like in lots of the other clock movies; I find that's a nice detail to have. The animation, what there was of it, was really smooth and fit well with the rest of the movie.

The movie itself was pretty short. I've never seen any of your other stuff, but maybe if I'm bored someday I'll check it out.


you know m-16s don't cock like a shotgun. they have that t grip thing under the handle and sights. anyway, clock flashes are beggining to get old. just about every other person is doing one. i hate it. but, i still grade on how it is. not whether i like what's in it.