Reviews for "Stick Arena Trailer"


Good trailer. Btw the fat nerdy guy is Robyn (Mod), from Xgen :)

I am ranked 2nd best shooter in Sa along with first- Silentguy, Impulse.

Btw My sa name is Badolzon.


So Cool :)!!! oh my god!!! that was so cool... :P :|

Well alrighty then guys at X-Gen....

This movei does absolutely NO JUSTICE WHATSOEVER to how f@#king great Stick Arena is...And on a side not, WHEN IS STICK-RPG2 COMING OUT?!?! Ok...Getting back to my original point, Stick Arena is serioously one of the most awesome Flash games of all time! It's better than alot of console games for christs sake! I love StickArena....and this movie does no justice to it what-so-ever....it is funny though...especially the nerdy fat guy...hehehe....

But yeah...

This movie should be more like the awesome stickrpg2 trailer...

But I shouldn't complain, you guys always make the best games.
Thank You X-Gen!

My little brother plays this game.

I like this flash. My bro was playing this game every week! My bro started the game when the game was made on your website. By the way this is good!

seen it befor gets funnier every time

this rocks watch it then play it