Reviews for "_.-| Martyr |-._"


It reminded me so much of something Hans Zimmer put together - Which from me is a compliment.
So beautiful sounding...

I'm not that good at describing music but it was really nice.

The length is fine too, having it on loop for a while doesn't get old either.

Wolftacular responds:

That is definitely a compliment for me too! I respect his work greatly!

Seriously glad to know you like it!


this is simply amazing, great for the movie I just heard it in.
I'll download it for later

Wolftacular responds:

Thanks!! Glad you like it!!


Very minimal, but excellent nonetheless. Those who wake up with good melodies in their head, seemingly fathomed subconsciously over night, are those who are born with musical genius.

Wolftacular responds:

I know, it's very simple, and I usually develop, but I just felt like leaving it that way :P

And I hope what you're saying is true, 'cause it's not the first time it happens XP