Reviews for "_.-| Martyr |-._"

Awesome song

Ever since i saw "When you wish upon a star" the flash that used this song.

Now i think of lonly space when i hear this.

Is there a longer version? :3

Wolftacular responds:

Great animation that one, eh? XD Makes me laugh over and over

As of now, there isn't a longer version. Perhaps, if it keeps gaining attention and more people request, I'll make some sort of sequel to it (an expanded version of it, with new things)

Thanks for the comment! =D


i think about donnie darko for some reason. but grats on that. cause i love that movie. this tune is dark and mysterious. i usually dont listen to this kind of music because it makes me depressed haha. but all in all....this goes good with a lot of ideas. but most of them death [hence..the dark side] what i see is a man walking up to a little kid [his kid maybe] and watching him take his last breath with a little tear going down his face. but is satisfied and not really heart broken because his son/daughter accomplished a task by making a sacrificing decision...idk..just what i see.

keep up the work. you dont need to make it longer. this is perfect. 5/5 10/10

Wolftacular responds:

Interesting vision of yours. It is true, though, that it's pretty much impossible for this melody to bring joyous visions XD. I'm glad it makes you imagine something at all.

It's great you like it! Thanks for the review!

I have to know.

It's a beautiful soundtrack. I can't help to ask myself "what was he thinking when he made this?" The only conclusion I could write up was you where either watching the sun rising with a great anticipation of that day. Or you where watching the stars on a very lit up night. I really have to know.

When I think of this song (Since I am more of a good story to a action conflict and such) I was thinking of someone very important dieing in your hands. As the sorrow overwhelms the protagonist the rage and empathy starts to kick in. Spending his final moment with the close friend while he/she dies. (he slash she because it's all depending on the person)

So what was on your mind when you made this track up?

Wolftacular responds:

I'm glad you like it! And about the source of inspiration, it obviously wasn't something very happy. During this time, I had just gone through breaking up with a girl I really really really loved.

If you wish to know more, here's a short paragraph I wrote about my feelings at that exact time: http://wolftacular.deviantart.com/gal lery/#/d29pod3

(it won't let me paste the full link, so just copypaste the above and erase the spaces)

Thanks for the comment!


this peice is so beautiful and it is kept to a minimum aswell. u have true tallent to be able 2 wake up with it in ur head.

Wolftacular responds:

Glad you like it!


reminds me of war and soldiers giving up there lives for us
excellent work man

Wolftacular responds:

Thanks bro!