Reviews for "_.-| Martyr |-._"

Moving melody, but be careful...

There are some times when a song lacks substances because it's too simple. Martyr, however, sounds all the more emotional due to its stripped down nature. Excellent job Wolftacular!
I would love to hear a sequel of sorts to this song, but make sure you don't make it more complicated for complicated's sake... you know what I mean?
Sometimes keeping it simple keeps it real, and I would love to hear another piece that retains that same style from you.

Wolftacular responds:

I know exactly what you mean. I actually consider that with pretty much every song I make. I ask myself "Should I develop? Or is it good like this?". I'm afraid of developing 'cus I might ruin it, and I'm afraid of keeping it simple 'cus it might be TOO simple. I'm glad to hear from you I made the right choice with this one.

Thanks for the review! =D


You know, this reminds me of something i would hear in the T.V. Show house or something. But it really made an impact. I'm going through tough times...... and i think this relates to it.....but it also has a spark of hope in it........like a sad tune with a sparkle in it. Enough to make a good impact. I don't know if that made ANY sense to you at all, but i get so much emotion in this. You did well my friend.

The Simplicity of it, is what makes it perfect.

Wolftacular responds:

It makes perfect sense, bro :) I hope everything turns our alright for ya.

Thanks for the review! =D

I'm sorry this is so long!

This was awesome. As a writer I come here to Newgrounds a lot for inspiration. Music is my fire, know what I mean? This was so simple, a "little melody" as you said, and yet like a picture this melody is worth a thousand words! A song like this is like the window to someone's soul. A soldier's thousand-yard-stare, or simply getting lost in the deep of someone's eyes because you KNOW that those eyes have witnessed much in their lifetime.

I'll try to keep this short...like you say music comes to you in/right after your sleep, sometimes stories come to me. There was once a dream I had where myself and two other individuals whom I'd never met were stranded high in the sky, suspended above a deep, dark sea and forever trying to escape the cold winds and our imprisonment.

We were stuck forever in a titanic formation miles wide of stone, metal and concrete with no safeguards against a fall, and no walls for shelter. One wrong step, and you would fall to your death. When the night came, we all had to sleep very close together; if you rolled in your sleep, it could be right off the edge of a platform.

It was one of those dreams where I felt like I truly lived in it, with those two people, for a whole year. I know it may be hard to picture...but at the end of the dream, we thought we were finally getting close to the end. After a year of navigating the sky maze and near-death experiences, the woman, the man and myself had become closer than family, or more.

We had curled up on a large steel formation and huddled together one moonlit night, trying to stay warm as the rain fell around us and pelted the metal and our clothes. I still remember the man falling asleep, and the look this woman gave me before she closed her eyes. At that moment, I felt myself starting to wake up from the dream. I tried SO HARD to stay, but alas I woke up.

This is kinda odd but I never "forgave" myself. I felt like by waking up, I abandoned them. Sometimes when my mind wanders, I wonder if they still travel that sky formation, or if they ever made it out. I always felt guilty and wanted to write a story about it someday; I never did.

Your song reminded me of it! I had that dream almost three years ago. Thanks so much. Sorry for the LONG review here.

Wolftacular responds:

Wow, I really don't know what to say. That would definitely make a great story, so I'm really glad my song reminded you of it. You should seriously consider writing it. As for what you said at first; that's all I want my music to be. A source of inspiration and emotion. I want people to feel something with the notes I play.

Don't worry about the long review, it was a pleasure to read ;)

Thanks for the review! =D

This gives me many visions

this is, yes, a sad song. Making a thought of people dying but would be great for kids playing in a field after a long dreadful journey and this would great to play at the end of super mario galaxy :)

a vision is the usual someone dying or...

at the very begining of a flash have five kids sitting in a field talking, something happens, fight in a huge battle then at the end the five kids are sitting in that field playing ths song in the background

and maybe one of the kids dies and wheres he sits with the kids is empty

or in a war you're in a bunker and everything is in slow-motion and you see a nuke coming down

i dont know just a few ideas :) and BTW how can compose such beauty? What made you think of this? HOW DO YOU COMPOSE MUSIC?

anyway 10/10 5/5

looking forward to another like this!

Wolftacular responds:

It's great for me to hear the song brings you visions. It means (I think) that you feel something with the melody, and that's my main objective; for people to feel what I felt while I was writing the melody.

Well, my best melodies suddenly pop in my head, once I see or experience something that inspires me enough. Or when I wake up. I have to be quick in writing them down, or else I'll forget about them. This is how I usually compose my music. I just write down everything I hear in my mind. And it works better for me this way. Sometimes, when I want to sit down and force a song out of myself, it doesn't come out so good.

Thanks for the review! =D


This is perfect for some emotional scenes. I could imagine this playing when someone has died, and you're standing in the rain looking at his/her tomb. :D
My only problem is that this is too short.
Maybe some kind of dynamic build up or melody change could be great for this.
You got to make this longer, because the mood is already good. :)

Wolftacular responds:

Yup. As I told one of the guys below, I might make some sort of sequel to it, which would mean a longer version of this melody, developing further on the original concept. But I still have to come up with something good enough.

Thanks for the review!