Reviews for "Reel Gold"

Mr. Miniclip!

I love all the games from your site.Awesome.


The best game here in newgrounds...Congratulations!

did you steel it

well it was good with well made graphics and sounds. also the control was exelent and it realy had me thinking. the graphics where cartoon-ish but it was still very smoth and the fact that mit got such a hight score and it waas not violent was encridible since most flash are but one thing... this was on another web site called miniclip long before it was here what gives? but still very good a 5 of 5

To all you idiots out there

stop sayin it's stolen look at the author's name,miniclip,MIN-E-CLIP stop sayin its stolen you dumbass's read the authors name b4 playin!jeez!

saweet stuff

LOL who the fuck is jack of blades he needs to read the author befor assuming stuff.