Reviews for "Reel Gold"

To all you idiots out there

stop sayin it's stolen look at the author's name,miniclip,MIN-E-CLIP stop sayin its stolen you dumbass's read the authors name b4 playin!jeez!

ignorant users

top graphics - miniclip knows how to do flash. The game was enjoyable, yet boring due to repetitive gameplay.

what staggers me tho, is the ignorance of those reviewing the game. Tom nd Wade run a FUCKIN AWESOME website, if your not happy with it....go *enter variable death option here* yourself.

i liked it a lot

it kept me entertained for a good amount :] keep it up guys

for all the morons out there...

the author is the owner of miniclip! you guys are a bunch of morons!

To the previous guy who commented....

YO, anton2005!!!

You bloody moron, look who submitted the game!! Other than that, it was an ok game.

PS: Don't go around calling peoples work stolen, if you don't have enough brains to actually read the authors name, dumb ****!!!