Reviews for "Reel Gold"

Kinda sad really

I concur with Shadowgamer, this is just a rip off of gold miner, and unlike gold miner you can't buy game enhancements with the gold you collect. It's tedious and repetative, and after a while I got bored.


im not sure if you are the same producers or not but this game is a freakin ripoff of another one called Gold Miner that was released somewhere around '02 or so. the graphic style, story, and even the controls are almost identical. its a decent game but still, damn, show a little originality.

it was kool 4 a while

i mean i hate cowboy western games but this 1 just made me giddy.it was fun and intresting,like 1 of those im bored games.but i suggest u have music playing threw out the whole game like an original western song.

I liked it

The game was good for what it was and was kind of original but i just wasnt that interested in the game itself. This doesnt have anything to do with the game being bad it was just aimed to other people i guess

Interesting Game

This game is kinda original. I don't like it much because I sucked at it. The swinging rope made it hard :p