Reviews for "Reel Gold"

bad rip off

There is a better gold grabbing game out there than this one. I dont like this, its redundant and there seems to be no point to grabbing the gold at all. There are no mid breaks inbetween. Miniclip ripped off of a better game that had upgrades and challenges more than this one. Im sorry but this is just a poor rip off of a good game.

its ok for what it is

a gold grabbing game.....and oh ya jozojozojozo, could you plz open ur eyes and read who the author is, and not acuse miniclip for stealing their own fucking game..........retard, god ur so fucking retarded.

jeeeeeeeeeees bet you feel stupid now, well not to worry ur not the only one

i have seen a game similar

i have seen a similar game its called Gold Miner. this one is different for a couple of reasons,
1. you cant buy things
2. you can pick up the rocks for money
3. its less detailed

i am not sayin this game is stolen but i am sayin i have played a very similar game before.

saweet stuff

LOL who the fuck is jack of blades he needs to read the author befor assuming stuff.

To the person before me

you are a R-E-T-A-R-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please look at the name of the author before making blind assumptions.