Reviews for "Reel Gold"


soso just not exiting


This game was just ok. Since it is a clone of Gold Miner (I think it came out in 2004) which lets you do more things in it like spend the money you earn on upgrades I had to give you a low score.

The game looks good at first but it doesn't have much in the way of game play and it's pretty easy.

It would be good if you came out with some new game ideas instead of the ripping off someone else's idea.

It was alright

It's nothing I've never seen before. The graphics were alright, The sound was more or less okay, and I think it need more to it.

Why, God, why?

This is a pretty bad game. It looked good, and the sound was...OK-ish, but everything else was not good. It would've a good idea to let the miner reel in the grey rocks that got in the way, add a shop to buy things that help with the level (dynamite, value upgrades, etc.). Maybe if you had those, you'd get better reviews.


it got boaring after lvl 3