Reviews for "Reel Gold"

Very entertaining

Very good graphics however gameplay got repeditive and with no music it was kind of plain. By the way I love your site.

All the fun of a claw machine, but with gold!

This is a pretty good game. The graphics were excellent. The sound was decent, but maybe a little lackluster. A musical score during the game would have been nice. Still, it's a pretty fun game, with simple yet entertaining gameplay.

excellent flash, needs better gameplay

While the flash skill is excellent and the graphics great, it gets extremely boring after the first round. controlling the graabber by moving the cart, while unique, seem to be the hardest part of the game. It really needs something to keep the user's interest, such as shops to buy upgrades, different things to grab, etc. Gold Miner SE is actually more fun, becuase it keeps my interest and has variety.

That being said, excellent flash.