Reviews for "Reel Gold"

ha awesome

ha man i suck at online games..i remember playing something similair to this on mario party before though.. ;)

but you still rock, miniclip!

good game, unoriginal

I don't know my flash game authors too well but this is the exact game as the one called "Gold Miner" its the same game except in your version you can't buy anything with the gold and the cart moves around. The game was smooth but it was just a rip off. If you created gold miner, which you would have had the shop, then I would understand. Good game, unoriginal idea. enough said.

Good game

Its good!

Good Game from ligimat Author

The one that steals games is mofunzone. Miniclip makes it own games or buys them while mocarpyzone doesn't even hosts them.

Good job

It was fun but it was kinda boring, you should make somekind of upgrade system that way the game is not repetitive, but it looked great. Good job keep up the good work.