Reviews for "Reel Gold"


glad to see miniclip is ripping off games that have been around for years. *cough goldminer *cough. Seriously though, you made the gameplay worse, removed the shopping option, and well, what didn't you ruin?

Boo sir. Boo.

Not much fun

For me this game wasn't much fun, and not really worth replaying. Not a fan of these kind of games, and since I've played this game before, the original value isn't up there. Keep miniclip games on miniclips frontpage. I want to see original games taking up the frontpage here.

It was good...

Although I played it forever ago when it was actually released on miniclip, but I still like it.

Ha ha ha to the guy who made the family guy joke.

Pretty good.. kinda a simple game though.

It's a pretty good game, but you don't do much. But it's still pretty fun.


its not wat i play normally,but i liked it.