Reviews for "Reel Gold"

ok, people are upset because....

they've seen this game before, and they automaticaly think " OMG, THAT GUY STOLE THIS FROM SOME WHERE!!?!" but I know you didn't, this was on numerous websites and I'm guessing your the originator or somthing, but if you made past the inspection then I think you deserve the nine..... but it does get kinda boring after a while.... =(

Great Game?

i really like it when you can buy items to increase the value of the things you dig up and oh the power ups to make your guy stronger. oh am sorry thats gold miner i am thinking of i mean its easy to get confused when you make a rip off copy. its a good game but at least change the game play a little.

Mr. Miniclip!

I love all the games from your site.Awesome.


very boring, couldn't even entertain me for 5 minuets. it was....well jsut so simple to be a complex entertaining game and lacked that odd bit of magic that thoes fun little simple games have......it just wasn't worth any time.

(hey the graphics wern't half bad)

Goldminer with a Twist!

It sucks. If i wanted to encounter the ripoff of a classic I'd go rent The Phantom of the Opera.