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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"

Great retake on a classic

I remember playing this ages ago and this version is just as great, if not better. Best of luck with it!!


too eazy!

ok i love the idea of this game... dissapointingley that i was scoreing world records every time i played it. i didnt bother putting my info up though.evewrything was great jsut not chalengeing egnough.

it's really really like battleon

I like your game, it's nice
but with your good flash skills you could also make an orginal game
that would even be better ;)

ChrisKempt responds:

Thnaks for all your reviews, those of you that are having problems with the game need to update your flash plugin to version 8 at macromedia.com. I have uploaded a new version that should hopefully fix this issue once it's approved by the NG staff.

To those of you that found it too easy: It's not... it's just that you're too damn hardcore! :O) maybe next time we'll make the difficulty settings a bit more extreme.

it wasnt all that bad

i found it rather entertaining. i loved the music


I'm not sure if this is a bug or what, but I am fairly certain Player 1 should have won with the 10.26 against the CPU's score of 3.57 in The Sofa Long-Jump.