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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"

Old-Skool buttonbashing!

Man, this reminds me of olympic gold - awesome - the two player option should be a laugh too..

Nice graphics, pretty slick menus and stuff, it's cool!


great games,i love the throw of the pizza and long jump on the sofa,great graphic,nice music,greaT JOB...


I set 3 world records, but the competition is only open to UK!!

Heh, reminds me of old games from the NES

I set world records in every event. Finished the salsa challenge with a 125. lol. Made the mad-dash in 8.4 seconds. High jumped like, 18 feet. lol. Was pretty fun. =) Reminds me of the old olympics games for the NES that I used to play... long, long ago. If you don't have carpal tunnel syndrome after this game, then I don't know what your problem is! lol


i really liked the game and all my hard work paid off i just got a t-shirt through from you :D thanks