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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"

it wasnt all that bad

i found it rather entertaining. i loved the music

all i can say......SUCKED!!!

stop adding to this stupid game you fucking prick!!!!!!!!!
WHy have a food olympics its so gay!!!!!!!! God throw pizzas and food hurdles gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God do ur self a favor stop trying to become famouse over this shit face game!! If you like this game then screw you too!!!!! Cause only a fat ugly hungry 24/7 pig would make a game about food!!

Players beware this game sucks dont waist minutes of your life trying it out because now im never going to live those minutes i spent on this gay ass game so just warning you now if ur lonley depressed and like eating this is ur game. If your athletic and have a girlfriend and are happy plz plz oh god plz dont waist your great ass life playing this piece of shit!

If i was the manager of NG i would blam this shit faster than hell!
You make that old flash "raining men" that was gay by the way look like a masterpiece!!!!! (Sigh) Fuck you you fat ass loser!!!! XD <^>


Because im a US resident??!?!?!

Ehhh It's Good

It is very originla, i give u props, and it held my attention. It can get old after 10-15 minutes though when u can't figure out the fukin controls.


Not a very good game really. you really should put somfin better in than an advertising game no 1 likes them really . An next time change the music that really got on my nerves