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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"

Bigger, Badder, and better them ever.

Great job. Remember, #1 bisness Rule. If you can't think of something new, then repackage the old so it looks new. It dosen't have to eixite people so long as it doesn't bore them.

CPU got world record :/

I like games like this. But the music was annoying.


Was an alright game. The games are good for a 'heh' but lose their appeal quite quickly.

For the complete moron that posted before me, ITS AN "I" AND AN "O" not a 1 and a 0 you retard.

meh it's alright

Is it me or does the first player controls not work?! -_-

i believe it says one and zero...

besides that, interesting game, good display
and what the heck are the sony ads for?!

Fun.... just fun

this is a fun game wouldent mind playing it on console