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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"


if it was true about it, then i apparently hold the world record in every event except the salsa 1, because u cant get a record in it. even though i probably wouldve won that too since my score was 230

this flash is crunk FO' SHIZZLE!!

i liked it a bunch of bunches!

Unique, great time waster

Its a unique concept, and its neat how there are a hole bunch of small games in one, like a mini-arcade or something. Good job

pretty good

Well, I loved the concept, and the graphics style. It was fun. And I enjoy the idea of possibly even winning a T-shirt, let alone a TV. It made me giggle in places, and that's always good.

Dont' listen to the people being all mean about the Sony ad crap. Sony is, simply put, the best quality when it comes to a great deal of things. I think it's nice what you're doing, giving something away, even if it is random, or seems like a sell-out. I mean what more do these people want? The idea of 'do fun stuff, maybe win something' seems like a pretty good one to me. *shrug*

Overall, on the game, I say job well done.


Not only were the games amazingly bad, but it was one horrible advert for sony. Ignore this crap. NG must be getting paid off to show this shit on the forums, let alone the fucking front page.
Not that I should bother with this review, though, given that it'll be deleted as Sony won't like a negative opinion on one of their adverts! No! So the sell-outs will no doubt delete it. Sigh.