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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"

Not Bad

It wasnt that bad but it was lacking Interactivity. Fix that and youll get my 5 r's :P

A great method of procrastination

Cheers for this! All the exertion I could be doing from an armchair without leaving mine. An entertaining boggle.

I wonder, though: in the 'Terms and Conditions' for the world record submission, it stated that it (or the prize, rather) were applicable only for UK residents. Shall all the results be tallied for world record, even if it leaves us prize-less? I am curious to see what others have managed.

And to steal away your chances for good television sets, Britannia, ;)!


I've played the non-redux once.
It's really awesome, I made a World Record, and I send my informations and stuff :)


That was the most boring game i have ever played it was too easy even on hardest difficulty and i couldnt play it for more than two minutes. a load of rubbish. dont ever make flash again!!!!!

ChrisKempt responds:

Oh come on, if you don't like the game fine but "the most boring game you've ever played"? You must live a charmed life!


ok, so first of all i play the sofa jump, and i get really close to the end of the couch at one try, the computor runs into the couch every time but the last, and while the comp is further away from the armrest than i was, the comp still wins! But that wasnt the worst part, i beat the world record at toilet-running, thats right 9,6. However the contest was only open to uk-residents. YEAH! so think i feel good now? nope.