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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"


I'm not sure if this is a bug or what, but I am fairly certain Player 1 should have won with the 10.26 against the CPU's score of 3.57 in The Sofa Long-Jump.

good job...but....

it was very good for the variety of games but the world record was bullshit

great game

Great game,

I enjoyed the variation between events.

Quircky sounds/graphics fit perfectly.

not to mention I placed a worl record of 8.7sec on the bathroom race! haha

Keep it up!!

Good game, but I have a question

In the pizza throwing contest I beat the world record, but nothing happened. I still liked it a lot, keep up the nice work



This was fun.. but it is boring if you play it to long .. You could think about to make the levels a little more different from each other.. Otherwise A fine work ;)