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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"

Give me a break

You've beaten the world record! Now give me your name and address so I can sell it and make money! I beat the "world record" on each event on the first try. Somehow I'm not convinced.


very fun, very professional..
a little easy but its just a promo thing so it doesnt need to be hard..
i like it.

Very original and fun!

The loading system is basically a good idea...
But I prefer a longer loading but only one loading!
Great minigames anywaies.

Fun Game

This Game Was Pretty Fun, But Really Easy. They Should Consider Adding New Games But Other Then That, Good Game

too eazy!

ok i love the idea of this game... dissapointingley that i was scoreing world records every time i played it. i didnt bother putting my info up though.evewrything was great jsut not chalengeing egnough.