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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"


In the sofa jump i got 11.72 and the com got 0 and it said i lost?! This game is so screwed up. How it made front page i do not know.

Rigged !

the high scores are terrible :P i blatently got a high score of 17.6 in the throwing thing, and to test it out i did a slightly lower throw and it said i'd beaton my other record which was higher then it ;( getting a 4 is generous.

Blatant Promotion for Sony

I wonder how much money Sony gave Newgrounds to get this particular game on the front page.... Its weird how "certain" games find their way to front page status when they are complete garbage....

Sony must really be hurting if they need newgrounds to find more customers.... I guess the PSP must REALLY be bombing in sales.... OH I KNOW... How about you create NEW and ORIGINAL games for the PSP instead of releasing tons of boring movies and ports of OLD games from the PS2 that we are entirely FINISHED playing FOREVER.....like for example....APE ESCAPE... who ever wanted to play that game again.....especially with only ONE analog stick...

Hated it

I'm sorry bro but I agree with everything the last guy said.

*Cough* Sellout *Cough*

Hmm...So what does it mean when the computer opponent on easy can beat the world records? If i'm effortlessly beating records on the first try then I have to say that I don't believe I'll win anything but junk mail and random telemarketers by giving you my information. If the record for events was insanely hard to beat then it would be believable. Haven't you ever gone online and seen highscores for flash games and stared in awe at how somebody manages to be that much better than you?