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Reviews for "Armchair Games - Redux"

some things that i dont get...

well game has no variations and its wasnt funny and violence

but how is such room is so long?how the hell does a kitchen have more than 1 stove(excluding a restaurant)?

graphics was not good nor bad, music is bad.

Couldn't play it!

It looks good, but the piece of shit game won't let me play!

it was okay :S

i didnt like how you had to push two different buttons to run for each leg...needs a little more work

Flash portal for unknown author not big compagnie

the game is just plain repetitive, three letters, two way to use them, crappy graphism, sound is, as usual, as bad as the game is. Your game as nothing special nor interesting and even worse is just here to hide the advertize behind it...How lame are you really?

Let's be frank you have no talent in making games (of course i remember you from the other game sonic boom town)and you should think of quitting making stupid games like those.

I went to your website to check your other games and they all look the same, all boring and repetitive, so why don't you just keep them there and don't bring your shit here, because they are not wanted , especially when they contain advertizing.

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Originality : 0 Advertising : 10 deja vu : 10

Come up with something intresting next time, because this is not...

it was bad, but it had a good sstyle

hey, i know this may sound harsh, but it sucked. u could add more games and mabye a car racingt than