Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"

Im impressed for a beta

this was a well thought project well i mean come on the graphics are a lil off but it happens its only a beta the only major flaw i can see is that annoying bat sound its still stuck in my head


Xenoc responds:

haha yeah.. It's hard to find good sounds, that a 'free'.

Good work

It's a little confusing at first (most particularly the hp/mp bar at the bottom of the screen), but it's a great game so far! Keep working at it.


yeah this totally looks like Adventure Quest RPG. Maybe it's where you got inspiration or whatever but for a beta I can't really tell.
Anyways decent. too short to really give it anything higher than a 5, and beside it's only a beta.

Xenoc responds:

Yes it's too short, I wish I could of made it larger. The problem is the full chapter is so large that If I added any more content to the preview it would of gone over 6mb.


well there was one glitch

when he attacks the sword changes shape

you also got the sound ethexe from a different website

i'm not a fan of the huge cape but this game was ok


A pretty good game, it'd be good but I hate that style of battle (hit, your turn, hit, your turn), the graphics were all pretty much the same reused AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, warn me about the high pitched bat squeak! I had my head phones on full!