Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"

very nice

nice game... to bad it's not the full game(have no speakers so i can't judge sound)

Xenoc responds:

The full game, well chapter 1 that is, is up on filefront at:

Sometimes I get an error, but I can download it myself when I retry, hopefully everyone else can eventually
download it too.

Pretty good

Not bad, I'm interested to see more. Good preview though, keep up the good work :)

Im impressed for a beta

this was a well thought project well i mean come on the graphics are a lil off but it happens its only a beta the only major flaw i can see is that annoying bat sound its still stuck in my head


Xenoc responds:

haha yeah.. It's hard to find good sounds, that a 'free'.


Yes I do like this, I like this very much!!!

this would be a good game if it was longer

when are you going to make a part 2 to this game
This game was a pretty good game but short.