Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"

This was good.

I can't wait to see the full version. ;] This was great, except for the not-so-great art. Otherwise, keep at it! This may end up being a bit like that BATTLEON game, which I came not to much of my liking, but maybe plenty of others will enjoy it. So far I think I would play it quite a bit in my spare time (which I've got way too much of :S) so. Yeah. ;P

Really good, could become HUGE

Two things, shouldn't appear back in origional posituion, should jump there (after physical attack) and should show enemies health. Other than that...It is really good, too bad there's only one battle in the demo...

Xenoc responds:

Yeah, :( I wanted to include more than a battle in the preview to, but this was the only way to keep it under the size limit.

good game

i think it can be a great game, i think its that way becuse of some reasons:
1- its preety like the web game battleon wich i preety like if it wornt a player limited.
2- i liked the general look of sumthin dark- unknown
3- i dono, i just like it!!
keep doing a good jub doing it!!



Just perfect no game is better then this exept runescape,maplestory,battleon,tiba but pretty good...

interesting..a bit slow

has been felled??? its "has fallen." lol. geez.

For those having trouble with the book puzzle..he puts a clue in one of the rooms. You just need to pay attention more. He wouldnt make a puzzle that impossible to figure out without a clue some where. Ill give you a hint...its one of the rooms on the left.

As for the prisoner....check your skills...that should help you figure out how to get him out.

I got a few comments:

1. When I turned on one of the skills...i forgot which one made the room red..was it trap? Well any way, I happen to see a blue circle on the floor of the room on the right, before the prisoner and a marking on the room with the dining table on the wall. It was an arrow pointing to an object and what looked like a lincoln monument building. lol. What was that about?

2. The combat was slow. I dont know if it was my computer...but it seemed hard to fight becuase the moves took so long.


The rest of it was pretty good, the walking could have been sped up a little perhaps, but other than that I liked it. The story is interesting, although the dialogue is really long. I know things need to be explained, but perhaps we could just have a dialogue box where we just scroll down instead of clicking through 20 panels that can only hold about a sentence each.

For the instructions, I must be blind, but I could barely see the giant arrow next to the box. So I had no idea there was more instructions until was completely stuck on my first attempt. Perhaps make it more visible or just put a next button might help.

I sound like Im picking on you, but Im really not. I actually enjoyed this game a lot and am looking forward to the next installment.