Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"

Two things

The charachter should have a visible jump back to the ready position instead of just appearing there after a physical attack.

When casting a spell, I think the raising of the arm needs to be adjusted a bit. The timing I mean.

Otherwise it looks like youve got something really nice in the works!

Read the big review, not this small section.

Not bad, not bad at all.
It was RPG, i enjoy RPG but there is one thing i really hate, the fact that it takes a good 10 sword cleaves to kill a bat. (all games do it)
Other than that, it was good, its got potential to go far, so im gonna try and see what you do with this game.

Obviously you get a 5

Xenoc responds:

lol.. I actually uped the bats HP in the preview, because it goes down too quickly in the actual game.


Hopefully u'll make sumthin better than Battle On.

In the preview clips you spelled Assassin wrong

The semi annoying music didn't take the sound down it was the magic and slashing sounds...they were the most annoying but then again all are...
There isn't that much violence
Graphics are alot like battleon(AQ)...
Style is great
Interactivity is well...great bcuz it's a game
Overall I think this will be a great game


I loved it a good FF feel to it