Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"

Very promising material.

Potential like yours, have I not seen the likes since the very best of Super Flash Bros and Legendary Frog. You will be a great Flash author, as long as this quality of work improves.


Excellent potential. Superb.

Give us more.

Interesting, I enjoyed the game as a whole. Please make more. I was a tad annoyed by the irritating music, and bad sound quality, but im sure that'll ease up. Good Luck.

Good job.

Good job this game was quite fun. The beta could of been better though but at least we all know what to expect from the game now. Im going to dl the full chaper 1 once im done with this review. Hopefully theirs weapons ect. If you're going to make a beta for chapter two make it longer for other people to enjoy it more. Like kill an enemy then take it to another battle. Hopefully you could save the game on chapter 1 version.

New things that can be added. Game modes: Killing differen't monsters till all of the characthers dies. Final fantasy tactics like?

Customize you're own characther.

Hopefully that'll help some more the rest of the ideas will be left for you're brain to figure them out. Good job btw ^_^.

is this the sequel

is it