Reviews for "::CAPTAIN CLAY EP1::"


Good to see another Doctor WHO fan in this Portal. Yay! I love how you try not to be sued by the BBC(tm) and that you've made a super cool movie!

captain-hasselhoff responds:

Cheers! Looks like I'm not the only Doctor Who fan here :o)

must be the best I've seen

best claymation eva better than knox!!! u r gr8. i luved ur all ur plaice movie too.

captain-hasselhoff responds:

yay glad you liked it.

I love it

I really like the salek voice but captain clay sounded kinda weird i got talk any to lol and its a fun programm i gave you a four
i thaught it was really good keep it up!

it was pretty good

pretty good, but you need better sound quaity... make blood when there fighting also...

Better Than What I Thought It Would Be

The only thing that relly bugs me is that the song you chose for the beggining was from WIlly Wonka. I loved the robot voice and the alien voices. One thing that took forever was the Alien spaceship to go down. It took at least a minute. Can't wait to see the rest.

captain-hasselhoff responds:

While I was filming the spaceship scene, the wire for my webcam wouldn't extend far enough so I needed to make it go round my chair. Oh well, at least I didn't stick with the charlie and the chocolate facotory tune for the last two episodes