Reviews for "Sonic Shorts Collection"

Awesome Job! My favourites are "Helium" and "Sonic Coffee"

Great in its own right, not fit for Newgrounds (sorry). However, this is probably one of your first works right? Completely excusable - you're the guy that brought us Full Metal Sonic and you've also lead Sonic Paradox in the Sonic Shorts collab. Excellent job Wax. You've shown all of us that are aspiring animators - what we can do in just half a decade.

Have to say, hearing someone make that noise over and over again while sucking on a drink... that would make me want to smack them. XD Shadow was far more restrained than I would have been.

Also, love the intro screen!

that was AWSOME! And halo sonic was pretty cool too. my favorite was how to annoy shadow

Fireworks: Ffffsssst. Zoooom. AAAAAAAAH! ......
Helium: Woooow! Is that my voice? Omg! Ooh mg! The encie dincie/whatever spider the wall atop astop or something. What?
Sonic Coffee: Uhh, Sonic? AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ZOOM!
Shadow and a Rock: zoom. plop, plop, plop, plop, CRUNCH!
How to Annoy Shadow: sucksucksucksucksucksuck....suck....
Sonic Halo: Headshot! Double kill! Triple kill! Kill freak! Oh stop it! Ease up already! Ease up with the killing already! HEY! STOP IT! My GOD! YOU'RE A MONSTER! lol and i love the menu music:)