Reviews for "Ryuko Matoi"

JESUS CHRIST I fucking watched this yesterday.
I don't usually watch anime and it was fucking shit.
Shadman, you got the skillz but you gotta fix your body proportions, tits (disgusting), and vagina (looks slimy and rotten, not virgin and fresh). I ain't gonna be fan before you do that, fag.

You're my favorite artist on Newgrounds;everything you make is just phenomenal!

You sir, are so fucking amaizing

Excuse my poor English.

The line art is very clean. You also hit the mark. She really looks like Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill in your own beautiful style. Her feet are shaped well just the ankle bones looks rather big, I think. Also great job with lighting, you really pushed out the 3-Dimensionalty of the forms, I just miss some collar clothing shadow. Also the shading of her rib cage in the upper left look a bit strange.

I don't know if this page will be again for a comic on your Homepage, but I miss some highlights on her skin. But she looks really cute. Very nice work with the expressions. Nice detail with her nail colors also. I really like the attention that you put on her hips. I like how you pushed and stylized the forms, they look really sexy and are exaggerated in a very (thinking about other term for nice...) brilliant way.

The picture (Ryuuko?) Ryuko-vs-Satsuki on your homepage is really impressive. Very dynamic pose also nice feel of movement. Amazing shading.

Ryuko-vs-Satsuki 2 looks great either. Just a few parts look a bit off, but impressive work also.
It's easy to get jealous of your skills.

All in all very great job. Keep it up.

Ps: I noticed the nice skulls on the side. You could tag them with COTM3 and also enter Jazzas challenge of the month, because they are really good they also deserve to get featured in my eyes.

My approval.

You has it.