Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody"


Im watching it now in the UK and this spoof is ace. Loved it hope to see more of your work.

HILARIOUS! (600th review)

I love Weird Al Yankovich's work, considering the fact that it's always been able to take some of the most popular songs and convert them into something humorous (or even better, at times) As for the T.V. show, "Lost" I might've seen maybe some of an episode, but never exactly got around to watching the whole thing. I know for a fact that it airs on ABC network and has a mixed bag of reviews, but I suppose that it just never interested me as much. Anyway, I liked how this music vid. used the actual images/clips from the shows and had them all remixed in with Weird Al's polka version of, "Bohemian Rhapsody"! It was funny as hell! The reverse/fast forward technique was probably the funniest thing that had me laughing HARD!! I also liked how you were actually able to make the mouths move and stay in synch with the lyrics, which is kind of similar to some of the other flash music vids. I've seen here, but this is probably the BEST I've seen yet! The music itself kind of reminded me of another work here at N.G. called, "Angry White Boy Polka" (another polka classic by Weird Al), only more realistic! The catapult part at the end was the collest part (graphics-wise) and the characters looked so damn funny! I hope to see more music vids. like this from you in the future because this was VERY entertaining! :)



Great. Just amazing. I ttoally love weird al, and that song... The original... But this was VERY awesome. I totally am going to vote it 5 because this ROCKS! Great job, and I saw some pretty friggin smooth animation there... With the smoke, or whatever I saw... o_-

heh heh, keep it up! ^_^

CapnBob responds:

Nobody knows what the smoke is. I think it is the steam that shoots out of Sun's father's ears when he gets angry!


Friggin' awesome!!


Very good, but nextime you make a flash dont forget to eat sausage and put the egg in there.


CapnBob responds:

AH! How could I forget sausage eggs bacon?!?!