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I have read your comments towards the other reviewers and I would just like to say... gathering pictures on the internet is not that hard just go to google images. You could have also just gotten that "wonderful" DVD of the first season and watched it on your computer. This method would have facilitated your work given that the computer has a button that will copy what is on screen at that moment, its called Print Screen, located on the upper right of the key board. Oh, about the artistic mouth movements, I never knew that coping someone else’s work showed any form of artistic talent or creative insight for that matter. Also if you truly wanted to highlight the major plot points of the first season you should have show when the group divides in 2. I can see the significance of that point and I’m not a die hard fan like you. So in all I would like to say that your arguments are based on logical fallacies, and that the animation was crap. If you didn’t want to focus so much on the animation then don’t post it, newgrounds has enough shit posts anyway. Maybe your summary was good yes but I, who doesn’t enjoy the show as much as the fans that gave you a 10, saw that it had major points missing. So I find it hard to believe that they would give such a high mark for incomplete work. For these reason, and because I don’t appreciate the arrogance with which you treat your reviewers, you deserve an over all 3.

CapnBob responds:

So you don't appreciate when I treat arrogant reviewers with arrogance? Tisk tisk.
First off, google images quickly proved insufficient to find all the necessary photo work, as did screencap sites such as Lost-Media. This work was started back in March, long before the season ended or the DVDs were available, so much of the early work was digitized in from VHS, and printscreen actually does not always work with videos in windows XP... you end up with a picture with a hole in it through which you can see the desktop. It's very bizarre.
As for the artistic work, that is entirely on the selection of relevant scenes and the effects featured later in the video. The mouth movement was simply grunt work to match it with each spoken syllable, though even that takes a long time to do.
The group dividing in two? You mean between the beach and the caves? Thus far, that has been relatively insignificant for season 1 as everyone eventually went to the caves and I did finish the movie with the people divided between the caves, the hatch and the raft.
So, your arguments are based on straw men and and your own jealousy.
Furthermore, I did not post it here until it was requested that I do so. If you want to complain to Fulp, you are welcome to.
Because you miss the point of the work entirely and because you are blinded by your own anger, I give your review a 6 out of ten for entertainment value and because you made an attempt at being more coherent than the unarticulate trolls that you misguidedly hope to defend.

This wins.

To Macrodeath:
That wasn't even discworld, it lacked four giant elephants. Allso, the song was made by Weird Al Yankovich, who is not, in fact, a country musician. The song was a parody on the origonal version.

Never seen lost, but this still wins.

Made me laugh

As a Lost fan I thought it was hilarious, I think you are right though, someone that doesn't watch the show won't get it. That version of Bohemian Rapsody cracked me up :)


That discworld was only good thing. Animation sucked and music was some fucking country shit. Why didn´t ya use original Queen version of the song? Ya fucking redneck piece o shite, go fuck you´re self...

CapnBob responds:

As a later reviewer has already pointed out, the turtle is not a Discworld reference at all, but I do like Discworld so I don't mind if people note the similarity. I believe you have polka and country confused, though. Country music traces its roots back to Irish folk music, while polka is quite obviously Germanic. As a denizen of Finland I would have expected you to realize this. The Queen version is far too long; as you have noticed I used a minimal amount of animation because I am relying on rapid-fire scene recognition for humor (which is lost on you) and the slower version would greatly decrease the density of scene references. I will forgive the many spelling errors since English is not your first language, but your tone reveals you to be somewhat less than intellectual. I hope you seek help for your anger management problems.


Very funny and amusing.Loved the Monty Python jaw technique.Again,like the other guy said,Discworld ^^ but where are the elephants :P.Anyway,great for a first flash and Lost was a great,original thing to start on.Cant wait to see more from you :)